Grapheme to Phoneme


Name Description Size License Creator Download
Grapheme to Phoneme Thai Grapheme to Phoneme from Wiktionary 14,483 word CC BY-SA 3.0 Wannaphong Phatthiyaphaibun GitHub


Name Description Status Language License
PyThaiNLP It's part of PyThaiNLP. active Python 3.X Apache License 2.0
TLTK Thai Language Toolkit active Python 3.X BSD License (BSD-3-Clause)
thpronun thpronun is a program for analyzing pronunciation of Thai words. The output can be in Thai pronunciation, Romanization, or in any other phonetic systems. It is designed to be extensible. active C/C++ GPL-3.0 License
Thai G2P (grapheme to phoneme) dictionary-based conversion + BiLSTM seq2seq model (under construction) active Python 3.X
CharsiuG2P CharsiuG2P is transformer based tool for grapheme-to-phoneme conversion in 100 languages. Given an orthographic word, CharsiuG2P predicts its pronunciation through a neural G2P model. active Python 3.X MIT license


Name Detail Owner Download
CharsiuG2P Multilingual G2P in 100 languages GitHub